9-12 Months

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Shop for babies age- 9-12 months

Our Loyzo toys are agreeable and instructive for 9-12-month-olds. Your children are more connected than at any other time at this significant stage in their development, so offer them toys that assist them with developing, upgrade their coordinated skills, and satisfy the family.

We have several toys for kids since they’re all different. Problem-solving activities and sensory toys with vibrant colors and textures keep young brains occupied. Strong and secure, our toys let your baby explore.

Our easy-to-use “Shop by Age” website has everything you need for rapid purchasing. Click “9-12 months” for age-appropriate items. Provide your youngster with educational and entertaining materials. Visit Loyzo today to choose the finest one for your child. See your baby learn, play, and develop. Please remember that Loyzo can help you identify the greatest early learning programmes for your kid.